Monday, July 5, 2010

Dangerous idiots - liberals today

In the face of massive American resistance, Pelosi Reid and Obama insisted on creating a healthcare agenda despite the fact that it will cripple the American economy and create untold government expansion (Pelosi's crap sandwich , written behind closed doors and announced at a restricted from the public 'event' will affect 1/6 of the economy and create an additional, unprecedented 114 departments in the US government). Obviously 'representational' government and the US Constitution, are matters of unimportance to our current administration - but its time to let them know that you rate them both paramount.
November is a call to arms. Its time to throw these bums out - peaceably - please remember the names of these wasteful dangerous idiots when you next head to the voting booth. Libs of all stripes, as well as Rino's and ALL Democrats, must go if you want this great country to survive.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Only Americans should read this :

Organized attack groups, union thugs, Democrat mouth-pieces and flat-lined journalists are throwing charges of racism and slander without evidence or fact. In an obvious attempt to marginalize their opponents, and straight from the ridiculous pages of the Democrat handbook (Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals), so-called Progressives are advised NEVER to get into an argument where facts are required, and to ALWAYS call your opponent nasty names.
That might have worked in the 70’s, when Alinsky’s book came out.
The problem these days for the good little Marxist is that sound bites, camera’s, recorders, picture phones, and all sorts of media are everywhere – recording every moment. From the flag burning in DC and the incendiary rhetoric of Nader and other misguided misinthropes to Lewis’ fateful non-threatened walk to the House, every possible angle has been filmed and disseminated. Not only do we know with certainty that these heinous moments did NOT occur, we can reasonably calculate that when they do (in the future) they will be the work of IBEW or SEIU plants. The tea party’ers ( a disparate group of salt of the earth people concerned about the sharp leftist turn of the present administration, and determined to keep America free , government small, and politicians from constantly picking our pockets) are NOT the one’s causing trouble.
Remember this when you hear Matthews or Maddow or any of a dozen other liars attempt to smear your fellow patriotic Americans. These are dangerous people with a deadly agenda to control YOU.
Remember this too. In 2700 pages of a so-called healthcare bill there is clear documentation of the hiring of an additional 16,500 new IRS agents but not one mention of the training of any new dr’s or hospital building. More than anything else, THAT should be a clear tip-off where your President’s head is at.
On the day after , as he joked about the sun still shining and birds chirping, payments to Dr’s for Medicare patients were being cut by 21 % (that means soon no doctor will be able to afford taking on an elderly patient).
In 2008, the government owned ZERO % of the private sector. In Obama’s short administration (thus far) they now own 51% of the private sector, with GM and Chrysler, and banks, and student funding, etc.
And by their own admission, they are far from finished.
As he flits from project to project (‘we took 16 billion from the banks yesterday’ he admitted to a crowd in Maine recently. Under what authority he TOOK the people’s money, well, that’s a matter for another day isn’t it? That’s a matter for a man who takes laws and the Constitution seriously. For a man who’s feet journalists once held to the fire, not for the anointed one).
Print this short article out and staple it to your work cubicle. Affix it to your refrigerator. Think about it.
November is almost here. Either this President’s far-reaching destruction is hobbled, or your country is.
Your choice.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This President said yesterday that Medicare will be sustained for an additional 10 years if his so called Healthcare Reform passes. No one asks him HOW he can cut billions and somehow make the system stronger.
This President states that he can add an additional 30 million people to the roster (whether they want it or not) and lower payments to the dwindling physician population, and that it will NOT raise costs or taxes. How? (well, no one asks this of course).
He says that your care will not be rationed or limited, and that there are no 'death panels'. . How can it not be ? Well, why ask?

Its obvious that this President is a liar. Its obvious that he wants to fundamentally change the greatest nation on earth, to make it more in line with the socialistic European countries that he admires so much more than his own country.
Surprisingly there is a small cabal who agrees with him. Not that many but enough to cause serious damage.
If ever there was a clarion call to fight back against Marxism , this is it! This is the greatest challenge to our freedoms (the right to choose your dr, the right to control your care, the right to hold on to as much of your 50% of income that the government has not yet attached) that we've faced. Obama's government is rife with graft, bribery, arm-twisting, contention, and the dissolution of our economy. More entitlement programs in the face of unemployment and the brink of depression. Obama et all has to be defeated in this first step toward socialism and then defeated roundly at the ballot box in November.
Anything less is a blow against your families, your cherished elderly, and the freedoms men and women have fought and died for over the last 234 years. Obama's childhood goals to bring America to the brink of Marxism has come close enough to reality to frighten any true Patriot. His success is based on the collapse of the United States.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Congressman Elect Bill Owens - Liar.

According to The Governeur Times, Congressman elect Bill Owens (D- NY) broke 4 campaign promises in his first hour of being elected (specifically stating he was AGAINST Nancy Pelosi's crap sandwich of so-called "health care" (actually nothing more than a Democrat power grab) and against screwing seniors who had Medicare, and then completely recanting his position once elected)
1/ The idiots who voted party parity should not be surprised. Once a skunk, always a skunk. And really if you're still so un-educated as to keep voting for Democrats after how they've screwed you and your country, then you pretty much deserve what you get.
2/ Falls in line with what I always maintain should be mandatory law: if you RUN under one set of rules but govern under another, you should be publicly tortured or executed on TV . Lying to the public JUST to get elected should carry harsh penalties - but then i guess if there were no lying bums, there'd be no one left to elect.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Spin Zone

No sooner than Friday night and the end of the first presidential debates, the spin dr's were on tv giving the debate to Obama. In fact the first 40 minutes were a snooze between the two of them, but in the last half McCain clearly wiped the floor with Obama. Even Dr Kissinger got into the fray - refuting Barry's remarks during the debate on things he thought Dr K said.

Rather than taking care of their American constituents, Nancy and her ilk are still trying to spin the Fannie May debacle toward the Republicans (which of course they can't do, as their own hands are bloodier)and now the word on the street is that Palin is adding to McCain's woes.
Where did they get this one?
In fact Palin continues to energize the Republican campaign. Just one more reason McCain will cinch the prize for sure in November.

The problem with spin is - its made of fluff and nothingness, just like Obama's career.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Charlie Rangel is an Ass

Only in politics do they put criminals in charge of cleaning up their own crimes.
So Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid fight Bush tooth and nail as he tries to introduce legislation to REGULATE home mortgages (through a 2003 bill engineered by John McCain). Wall Street goes bust, and who do we hear on TV blaming the Bush administration for the fallout?
That's right, the Three Stooges.

Instead of sharing the spotlight, these three buffoons should really be sporting leg irons. And there are others as well (Democrats of course).

Now we come to that fat pig Charlie Rangel. Convicted felon, bloviating jackass. Currently being charged with NOT paying his share of taxes on $75,000 worth of earnings. And what is Charlie's job? Oh that's right - overseeing taxes!
On top of that the fat ass (who is ALWAYS on the wrong side of intelligence) makes a statement on Meet the Depressed (or its ilk) that Sarah Palin is 'handicapped.'
He even repeats the dopey comment when the anchor gives him a chance to recant.
What does that even mean?
Charlie, the only piece of human crap who is handicapped is YOU. Do us all a favor - dry up and blow away, will you?

Hats Off to Paul Newman

A gentleman, an activist, a generous entrepeneur, and one of the last century's finest actors: Paul Newman passed away yesterday at the age of 83. Still as cool as ever, Paul is an example to liberals everywhere that you don't have to be an in your face blowhard to get your message across.
And what a fine example of a life well-lived.
Married to Joanne Woodward since 1957 without scandal (he would say 'why go looking for hamburger when i've got steak at home?') , over 250 million dollars given to charities through his Newman's Own products (and quality products they are). The Hole in the Wall gang camp for children with cancer (free of charge to its young guests)..
Butch Cassidy, Cool Hand Luke, Fast Eddie, Henry Gondorff, Hud, Hombre...the list goes on and on.
God Bless Paul Newman! Sleep Warm buddy.